I have just published my first ever post on Medium. I might be late to the game, but I have questioned the idea whether Medium could be a platform for me for a while now.

In essence, I ask myself whether I truly need a dedicated website for blogging. There is a lot of overhead with running your own site and to me it seems not fully justified if I just pursue the goal of writing articles for a niche audience. It's somewhat too "Early 2000s" anyways, if you ask me. (Of course, John Gruber proves me wrong.)

Discoverability and connecting with readers are additional aspects in which I want to give Medium a try.

It's not rocket science. These are the main reasons why I made the jump:

  • Maintaining a website on Squarespace from an iPad is a pain. Also, you can't really build a website on the iPad natively and need a Mac for the backend. Other platforms like Wordpress or Weebly are hardly any better, at least for my skill level and patience. (I have been babbling this iOS-only workflow for so long now that I figured I gotta walk the talk.)
  • I can publish straight to Medium from Ulysses. I wanted to make Drafts my only text editor, but I keep falling back to Ulysses. I love the app.
  • There is an audience on Medium and the tagging system places your articles where they make the most sense. It's a better solution than finding a writer via URLs. (Who is still using Google search as the primary tool for discovering the kind of stuff I write?)

I felt inspired by others who have lead in a similar way.

I started - who would have thought otherwise? - with a fair bit of lamenting on where current digital solutions fall short if you go all-in on iOS.

Publishing the piece was easy and fast. I was on a run writing it for the largest part on my iPhone as I did with most of my recent articles. Ulysses did it all.

So long, Squarespace Blogging app.

(Only after the whole thing was done, I found out that footnotes aren't a true option on Medium. Even though I prefer footnotes to e.g. brackets stylistically, I guess you all could live with less of my footnoting anyways, couldn't you?)