Traveling light: Electronics

Ben Brooks and his take on traveling with electronics:

You need far fewer electronic devices than you think. All I carry is my iPhone and my iPad Pro.

While I agree with the first part of the statement, I do question the notion of taking the iPhone and the iPad Pro on the road - especially under the assumption of traveling light

As much as I love the iPad Pro, I have grown used to the fact that it's not a portable device for me. It's a device that I use almost exclusively at home.1 I hardly ever take it anywhere because I can get by with just the iPhone while traveling. 

The longer the trip, the less likely I am to take my iPad with me. 

The added productivity boost, speed and convenience of using the iPad Pro instead of an iPhone for jobs like writing and photo editing don't justify lugging it around with me everywhere I go.2

Is the iPhone as good as the iPad Pro for getting things done? No. Even though they share most of the features, the iPad is a true work machine - and the iPhone isn’t. But can I get things done on my iPhone? Yes. Often, it's fun getting things done on the iPhone only.

  1. Or at work, for that matter. ↩︎
  2. The same holds true for my camera setup. I always have my iPhone with me, but like Ben, my X100T is in my bag only about 60% of occasions.  ↩︎
  3. I like to dictate stuff into my iPhone and tend to prefer it to typing. I also like to read on the phone. ↩︎