No headphone jacks

Quite a lot of renewed fuzz about the rumors that the iPhone will lose the headphone jack. I don’t complain about it. In fact, I am excited to see it go. There is no way that Apple won’t give us a viable and probably better alternative. They did so with the transition to Lightning and, in my opinion, with USB-C on the 1-port-only MacBook 1.[1]

I greatly prefer wireless headphones over wired options despite the said limitations in audio quality. To me, the convenience of no chords is worth the trade off of potentially worse audio most of the time. Perhaps, Bluetooth isn’t the final answer. If ditching the headphone jack brings us a step closer towards better wireless audio, though, I am all for it. Because cables are the worst.

  1. For the very few use cases I have for wired connections on my iPad Pro, I am just fine with using dongles instead of having built in ports.