Motion Stills

A new Google app lets you create looping GIFs from your Live Photos. Looking at the coverage, I feel like this is what Live Photos were supposed to be from the get go. I like Live Photos but a lot of mine are just too shaky. Motion Stills seems to be a better take on Live Photos just like Hyperlapse is a better take on Time Lapse videos. However, I haven't transported my photos over to Google Photos, yet. These days, I prefer unification over segregation between services. Instead of using iCloud, Google, Dropbox, Adobe CC and external hard drives combined to store my pictures, I now just keep everything in iCloud and it's working fine. Furthermore, I feel like the search queries that are possible with Google Photos don't solve a pressing problem for me. I rather have the seamless integration with iOS that comes with iCloud Photo Library.

  1. If only RAW support on iOS would become a thing at WWDC. ↩︎