Photo editing & manipulation

The guys of Candid discuss their image editing workflows in episode 10 of their podcast. They are weighing in on the question of ethics in post processing.

I don't believe in a "code of conduct" in photography. It's an art, after all, so do whatever you like. Personally, I am ever more so embracing the minimalism in photography these days. Just aim, click and done. No chimping, little post processing. Call it a bias towards the analog roots of photography, but I am far more drawn towards authenticity than perfection in an image. It's a matter of taste and taste differs.

For my part, however, I have found quite a few freeing benefits of this "worrying less and shooting more" workflow:

  1. I let the camera do its job. It's a different kind of appreciation of the camera as your artistic tool. I just love tools.
  2. By shooting JPEG, my photography has regained its immediacy, not unlike instant photography. These days, I share my photos with friends and family more than I ever did before.
  3. I am no longer a hoarder of photo projects that never get finished.
  4. I don't have to use Adobe Lightroom anymore. Despite all the hype, this software makes it all just too cumbersome. I guess the same holds true for its competitors like Capture One and others.
  5. Like others, I have gone iOS first. We are the future, man.