Why do I write this blog?*

Here is a pitch: 

This blog is about fostering your creativity. It’s about being productive and building habits. It’s about mindsets and tools. With what I write I want to get you going.

What these lines don’t tell you is why I write.

I believe we are all creators. We are meant to build, to form and to design. I believe we are meant to question and to challenge. 

I believe we all are meant to be artists, thinkers and writers. 

In this, we are simply better if we allow our inner selfs to speak out. We are better if we go after what’s really driving us and what makes us happy.

I believe that we as a society are so much more if we cherish the powers that lie within our creative thinking. It’s what makes us great.

Somehow many of us hardly ever give voice to what’s inside them. We buckle up, swallow and keep moving. We live our lives and we don’t want to get under the wheels. 

We just settle. 

„Well, it’s ok as it is, I guess.“

Only that it isn’t. 

We have become masters of excuses. One of our signature lines is:

„I don’t have time to play. I have more important stuff to do.“

Only what is that stuff?

We have become traders and negotiators that go for the quick bargain. Money, fame and things are shiny and addictive. We blindly accept hardships for them. We even have started to sell our values and virtues for them.

We have put who we really are into collision with how we made ourselves live. We have forged our own fences to chain us. Obligations, tasks, dues - many of which are often contrasting our motivations. 

We have created many lines between our environment - be it professional or social - and what’s inside us. Our creative spirits, our visions, our childhood dreams stand at odds with how others want us to be.

I believe that’s a true obstacle to happiness.

What I want to do with my writing is to support you. 

You are struggling, just like I am struggling. We face to same hurdles. We go through the same roller-coaster run of emotions everyday. It’s though and demanding.

We want to succeed in what we do. And on our way we want to convince others of our ideas. 

We are afraid of disappointment and failure. We are afraid of being judged. We fear others might not like us. This fear is what makes us appease and negotiate. It’s what makes us sell at first offer and accept their terms and conditions.

Even if we give it our best, sometimes we just need a little help. A little rethinking. Another point of view. 

Why do I write? 

  • Because your creative forces and who you are in your daily life shouldn’t be at odds with another.
  • Because you should do everything you can to nourish your creative being.
  • Because you should stop worrying.

Digital tools and productivity systems are just one aspect of making that happen. They should help you declutter. 

So that you can let yourself go.

It’s your creative forces that - if unleashed, if cherished - give you the momentum you need to succeed in professional and social life. It’s these forces that will make you inspire people. 

And if you inspire, you will lead.


*These words are part of a daily challenge. It’s called “Ten Days to a Better Blog”. This was my day 2. Find my day 1 here. You write, you commit and you engage with others from a community of like minded folks. It’s all about growing yourself as a writer and building your confidence. I would love to hear from you on Twitter. The social thing is about getting bugged to stay on a writing track for ten days. It’s still open for anyone to join and won’t close anytime soon.