Welcome to the minimal.


Here is what I wrote about why I launched this blog back in 2014:

"You and me probably share a problem. It’s a tough one: Life and it’s long tail of responsibilities are pretty demanding. And there are a lot of distractions out there."

I wrote that this blog does have a mission:

"It wants to help you become more of yourself."

Wow, that's a big one! These days, my wording is a little bit more humble. I just love to write about the stuff that gets me thinking. And if there is anything in my writing that catches your attention and inspires you, I am quite happy with what I have done.

Why would you spend your time reading my articles? Because perhaps you are bit like me and go through the same daily struggles that I do: personal goals, productivity, work tasks, procrastination and just a lot of everyday noise. There are forces at work in life. I write about these forces and how I attempt to handle them.


Life can be tough. Keeping focus on the things that we want to get done can often be a challenge. Sometimes, life's demands can become so cramped that it's hard to grant our creativity the room it deserves. And without creativity in life - what's the point, really?

I believe in the power of workflows, mindsets and technology to leverage creativity. It's the true force behind productivity and it can propel you forward in life like no other force can. Yet, creativity often comes second when the bullets start flying.

I believe this is where we often chose a wrong path. I believe if we harness the power of our creativity and follow what’s rumbling inside us, we can move mountains.

I write about conquering fear, enjoying change and embracing failure. I write about tools to voice your creativity. I write about productivity and juggling many things at once. I write about writing. I write about letting go and not looking back. And sometimes, I just write about things that bring me joy and influence my life towards the better. I love to be healthy and fit for those are the key to being my best.

Maybe you and me have a few things in common and if so, you may happen to like what you'll read on this site.

I take pictures to capture the moments in my life. All the pictures that you find on the minimal are my own and carry a ©. The pictures show places that I have been to and that have left traces in my memory.

It's all part of my story.

About me

Me on Big Island, Hawaii in 2014.

Me on Big Island, Hawaii in 2014.

My name is Tom. I was born in 1984. I live in central Germany. (Probably, you can tell from my rough use of the English language.)

I love to be happy and to be inspired.

I'm a big health and fitness enthusiast and I'm all fancy about strength training and CrossFit and the ancestral health/paleo movement.

I have a day job: I work with people. I couldn’t think of doing something else. People make me think. They make me wonder. They make me write down my thoughts.

People are inspiring and I am constantly learning.

I graduated from medical school in 2010 and have since worked as a doc in internal medicine. Particularly, I have been employed in intensive care. It’s where medicine is so complicated that it poses more questions than answers.

In my job, I have accompanied people in their most challenging times. I have stood by them in emergencies and in pain. I have shared their consternation and their defeat. I have sat with them at their death beds. 

I have had many rough rides on the rollercoaster that’s called life. 

And I wouldn’t want to change a thing. Through my patients, I have experienced great stories of happiness, hope and love. Lucky me has had many lessons in greatfulness and I have learned to cherish the small things. 

I love to travel and I love to capture the moment. I love photography and music. I love technology and science. And I am optimistically looking forward to the future.

I have learned that life is not always as hard as we think. I have learned that it’s ok to err. I have learned that what matters most is being true to yourself.

Where to go

This blog is just in its infancy. And so is my writing. I am still working to nudge out all the kinks and edges and there is always room for improvement. I am looking forward to developing this blog and especially, I am looking forward to learning from you. I am always open for your thoughts on my stuff, so don’t hesitate to contact me and leave a comment. It helps me a lot and it always makes me smile.

Hope to see you here again! Yours truly,